John Stoecker

An outrun music visualizer consuming internet radio. Press "d" to spawn a dolphin.
An unfinished, unedited, poorly written fantasy novel, but with a fun pixel art map.
A friendly little endpoint to turn text into an image
Road Trippin' Tracker Across the USA
A weekly game of thronesy predictions
A short'n'sweet afternoon project to make pangrams
My brother and I are racing to see who can finish the NPR Top 100 Sci/Fantasy Book list first, so we use this to track progress. Uses google sheets (lol) as a backend
Cheap acrylic on basement drywall. Not one visitor could name all the characters from memory. Can you?
A 3-part short story interspersed with emojis
[In Progress]Control the sound wave's frequency and offset with two knobs and stop the pixels in a musical synthesis tower defense 'em up.
A tiled trivia team game with a game master. Complete challenges, upgrade your robot, and take over the world!
Christmas carols with a Game of Thrones twist. Spoiler alert!
With a comic artist like this, who needs enemies?
The WaveSaw
A flexible instrument for direct timbral manipulation.