Campfire Cantos

The evening hung on four around a fire Their cloaks were set against the creeping cold A chance encampment miles below the spire A final respite for the heroes bold And here, said one, a space for stories told So not unnamed we go assault the keep And hours yet before the dark ones sleep My sword is true, said he, as is my mail But lo, what hope have we to stand apart? The other three said yea to share a tale And bade him welcome, when he please, to start The four against the coming night took heart, And each would let the forest be their stage -- The knight, the orc, the rogue, and last the mage
Alain of Gaunt am I, began the knight, Up to this day a bondsman of the Prince. Indentured to my sister’s marriage right, The second to the scion ever since. Of darkened deeds my sir heard only hints. The secrets kept as knotted in a string The center of the knot, his Father, King My prince charged me seek out conspiracy I found the lands were troubled as I rode To ruin, monsters, evil sorcery And back to him with evidence I showed The prince his father urged uphold the code The people suffer, and now we must go ride But no, to our dismay, the King replied The king had placed the evil wizards here To ravage all his rival barons’ lands His royal army’d save them from their fear But claim them as his own once in his hands The prince and I were shocked to hear the plans My sir enjoined me flee, and waits in jail And now this evil keep I must assail Alain of Gaunt sat back down on his stone The orc, she reached to hold his vambrace fast And said, to any end, but not alone The others nodded as the evening passed They looked above across the fortress vast And wondered what fell deeds awaited there A new moon rose above the villains’ lair
The orc stood up, her muscles shone by flame She said, a plague has lain my child low I tracked the evil wind from whence it came And here, affect a cure, or die in tow My name is Daz Belith, and this I know -- My axe will cleave the sorcerors in twain I live or die, my child will walk again.
Now come, exclaimed the rogue, how dark and grim! I'm only here to loot this cursed place. He spun his daggers deftly on his palm. I’m Kazpacy Denault, but call me ace. If anything needs done, I’m on the case. To break inside this tower - easy, quick, But getting out again, well that’s the trick.
The mage stood tall below the closing trees A bony figure, genderless and wan Their face was marked with some arcane disease Their cloak hung loose and wizard hood was drawn This path is cloudened that we tread upon I know not what the future holds in store. But I, Seras the Red, will join us four. Seras then held their staff up to the sky And incantated low a magic spell Around the four they let the aura lie And drew each others strength as from a well. They felt the calling ring out as a bell. They all against the sorcerors would rage -- The knight, the orc, the rogue, and last the mage